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MAURITIUS KEYRING: Mauritius Flag Keyring Tag ❤️💙💛💚

MAURITIUS KEYRING: Mauritius Flag Keyring Tag ❤️💙💛💚

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🌴 Embrace the Spirit of Mauritius 🌴 - Celebrate the essence of Mauritius with our vibrant keyring, adorned with the striking red, blue, yellow, and green of the Mauritian flag. This colorful accessory captures the heart and soul of the island, representing its rich history, diverse culture, and the unity of its people. Perfect for patriots, travelers, and anyone who holds Mauritius dear, this keyring is a bold statement of pride and a constant reminder of the island's beauty. Carry a piece of Mauritius with you and let its colors inspire your day with positivity and joy. 🌊 Show Your Mauritian Pride Everywhere You Go! ❤️💙💛💚

Additional Details:

  One size
Diameter, cm 4.80
Depth, cm 0.74

Tell any keyset apart thanks to these custom keyrings. Made with high-quality hardware fittings, a TPU cover, and a robust acrylic plate, they’re as durable as they are stylish. Attach this custom key ring to any keyset like a charm or onto a bag as a custom tag to help your items stand out in the crowd.

.: Material: acrylic plate with TPU cover
.: Quality hardware fitting
.: Round shape
.: Key ring included

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